Aum Golly: Poems on Humanity by an Artificial Intelligence (ebook)

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What is it like to be human? What does AI-enhanced creativity actually look, sound and feel like? 

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Aum Golly is a book of poems written in 24 hours. It was made possible by GPT-3 – an advanced autoregressive language model published in 2020 by OpenAI. Award-winning writer and TEDx speaker Jukka Aalho has guided the AI and chosen the poems for the collection.

"... a collection that surprises with humor and delicateness..."
– Goodreads review

"... I have to say reading it was a pleasure..."
– Finnish radio host Ruben Stiller on Yle

"... a beautiful dialogue between man and machine..."

– a review of the Finnish audiobook

The deep learning model can generate text that is virtually indistinguishable from text written by humans: poems, recipes, summaries, legal text and even pieces of code. GPT-3 is autofill on steroids.

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  • Size
    431 KB
  • Length
    63 pages
  • Length
    63 pages
  • Format
  • Language
  • Authors
    GPT-3 & Jukka Aalho
  • Publisher
    Kertojan ääni
  • Year
  • ISBN
  • Size
    431 KB
  • Size431 KB
  • Length63 pages
  • Length63 pages
  • Format epub
  • LanguageEnglish
  • AuthorsGPT-3 & Jukka Aalho
  • PublisherKertojan ääni
  • Year2021
  • ISBN978-952-7397-22-0
  • Size431 KB
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Aum Golly: Poems on Humanity by an Artificial Intelligence (ebook)

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